AL Daim Group is the exclusive distributor of the Spanish company Orona in Iraq in terms of elevators and escalators, as the company Orona is the largest elevator company in Spain and one of the five largest companies in Europe and is the first company in the world in the elevator sector to obtain an environmental design certificate according to ISO 14006 standard.
Energy efficiency is one of the company’s basic principles in the development of elevator and escalator systems, and our technological solutions can provide very significant savings in terms of electrical energy consumption of up to 50% compared to traditional elevators and escalators.

We offer our clients a variety of options related to fit-out, installation and finishes in order to obtain the maximum level of integration with the surrounding architectural environment.
AL Daim Group designs the elevator system according to the building’s needs and the required specifications, prepares plans, devices, sensors and protection systems in addition to installing and maintaining elevators by our engineering staff and providing original spare parts in a record time, as well as providing after Sale services.
Escalator systems are characterized by the possibility of slow movement with the presence of specific devices to adapt them for use with shopping trolleys or luggage in addition to the ease of installation in airports, metro stations and supermarkets. Orona ladders can also be adapted for installation and use outdoors.

As for elevator systems, Orona is distinguished by its use of TPU sleeve ropes, and this type gives more flexibility and lighter weight than traditional ropes as well as reduces the vibrations and sounds resulting from the friction of ordinary ropes with the pulleys and also gives smooth movement and it also does not need lubrication, which reduces the maintenance work required for ropes and elevators, and in general saves maintenance costs.
Orona also provides solutions for elevators in small sizes of up to two people and a pit depth of only 31 cm.
The elevator systems are as follows:

Electrical system without machines room

Electrical system with machine room

Hydraulic system

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Orona’s exclusive distributor in Iraq

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