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regarding the VRF central cooling system; This system connects a limited number of outdoor units and distributes them to a larger number of indoor units. We at Hitachi realize the importance of the consumer to save energy, so we have provided this system with the latest methods and means that meet your needs.
Variable Refrigerant Flow system is one of the leading systems in the field of air conditioning through its ability to operate at varying speeds, which means the lowest possible energy consumption, which leads to saving consumption by up to 25% compared to similar units.
This system also provides an advantage that no other system provides, which is thermal control, as this system allows the ability to heat certain areas and at the same time cool other areas, which leads to that it allows thermal control with high efficiency.
AL Daim Group gives multiple choices of buildings for which the VRF system can be applied, which are represented by residential projects such as villas and apartments to commercial and industrial projects such as shopping centers, hospitals and factories … etc.
Al-Daim Group provides the following services too:

  • Supplying residential and commercial air conditioners and fresh air units.
  • Providing specially trained technical engineers for designing with professional pre-sales engineering services by choosing an effective and suitable air conditioning system for different projects and providing after-sales services.
  • Provide specially trained technical engineers for system operating.
  • Define excellent guarantees that include the provision of original spare parts during the
    warranty period.
  • Preparing designs and plans for projects.
  • Close supervision of the site to ensure customer satisfaction from the beginning until the completion of the project.